27. May 2021

Exam preparation with MCM@home

Norbert Goeth participated in our MathCityMap training series in cooperation with the Hessian Ministry of Education. In the interview, the teacher tells us about the use of MathCityMap for exam preparation.


Where do you personally see the added value of MCM@home?
I see the added value in the successive streamlining of the collection of the previous year’s ZAA tasks, if these are provided with a schedule with the possibility of control. At the beginning of the year, the STARK booklets (containing the final exams of the last years) are purchased – and initially disappear unread. Beginning in late summer, teachers point out the need for these preparations (in addition to normal instruction), but the response is hesitant and restrained. I think the MCM@home paths for these assignments are a great way to give teachers a tool to easily see which students are working on the assignments, where they are struggling, and where you need to increase the pressure on solution commitment.

What did your learners report back to you?
I told my class 10 about my training and the tool. Yes, the idea is well received and depending on their learning attitude, they have emphasized more the supporting or controlling options in their assessment.

What MCM@home digital learning paths have you created yourself?
ZAA tasks from the years that will not be printed by STARK publisher in the current books in the future (ZAA-2012-RS and ZAA-2013-RS, each mandatory tasks), currently I am dealing with the elective tasks.

Searching for more information?
An overview of all MCM@home learning paths can be found here.

How did the creation of your trails work out?
Pretty well. The program is largely self-explanatory, though the pitfalls are always in the details. Overall, creating tasks, if you want to do it well, is time-consuming. But that’s where MCM is no different than anything else, because the effort isn’t on MCM.

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