27. November 2020

A “Math Day” in Nierstein

Melis Yaren, mathematics teacher at the Carl-Zuckmayer Realschule in Nierstein, organized a “math day” for and with her 6th grade. At different stations, new perspectives on mathematics were opened up – MathCityMap was of course also used. Below Melis Yaren reports on the “Maths Day”.

What is the math day about? What did the students do here?

I organized a math day with my class 6b (only in the class association because of Corona). There were a total of 5 different math stations and in each station different math problems. The goal is that I offer the students different perspectives on math based on these stations. At the 1st station “MathCityMap” the students presented the tasks/route of MCM, which we had solved in the math class before in the schoolyard. In the math day they also found new tasks for the app in the school grounds. At the 2nd station “Learning math digitally” the students presented the digital apps and web tools that we have learned and practiced so far with the tablets in math class. At the 3rd station “Learning math playfully” we had math games, tangram, geo boards, dice and wheel of fortune experiments. At station no. 4 they solved and presented Fermi tasks. At the 5th station “Guessing” they prepared guessing tasks (with smarties, beans, chocolate sweets, etc.) for their classmates and teachers. 

How was MathCityMap used for this?

The students of 6b solved the tasks in the math class outside and later presented them in the math day (on 10.11). The route “Carl Zuckmayer Realschule Plus” was published last year – I created it for my project group (click here for the report). The tasks “barbecue hut” and “sports field” were best suited for the kids.

How was the feedback of your students on the math day and especially on MathCityMap?

The students definitely enjoyed experiencing math on the math day from a different perspective. Especially the app MCM!! The suggestion came from the students: they wanted to find new tasks for MCM on school grounds, discover them themselves and create them digitally. Now you ask in every math lesson if we can go out and do math outside 🙂 

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