2. October 2017

University of Turin uses MathCityMap

At the invitation of Prof. Dr. Ferdinando Arzarello from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Turin, Iwan Gurjanow and Matthias Ludwig presented the functionality and possibilities of MCM to the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) working group.

First, the idea of Math Trails was demonstrated to the colleagues from Piemont, using the example of their own city. Subsequently, Iwan Gurjanow described the technical possibilities. In a short MCM-Trail, created by the MCM team around the mathematical institute, the participants themselves were able to enter the MCM activity. Thanks to Eugenia Taranto and the collaboration of Virginia Alberti, Sara Labasin and Roberta Ferro, the app and the portal are now also available in Italian. The next morning was used to discover tasks at the Basilica of Superga and then integrate them into the MCM system. The colleagues from Turin were so enthusiastic that from January 2018 onwards a MOOC course on the topic of MCM will be offered by the University of Torino for Italian mathematics teachers. We are looking forward to this cooperation.

The Logo of the Massive Open Online Course of the University of Turin


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