27. August 2020

Trails along the Rhine & Main: Frankfurt

In Frankfurt’s Martin Luther King Park, our student Jolanta Zdyb created the maths trail “Math Kings & Math Queens”. The trail was created as part of our Mathtrail seminar at the Goethe University Frankfurt, which was awarded by the Stifterverband for excellent teaching. All trails were tested by students on site and also passed our expert review. Most recently, we presented the “Einstein Trail” by Daniel Tiedke in our section “Tested Trails in the Rhine-Main Area”.

Information about the trail:
Name: Math Kings & Math Queens
Code: 692949
Place: Martin-Luther-King-Park, Frankfurt
Grade: 5th grade
Topic: Introduction to the 5th grade

Welcome to the Ernst-Reuter-School! You are really lucky that your new school is located at the great Martin-Luther-King-Park. There is not only a lot of nature and fun, but also a lot of math to discover. So grab a measuring tape and start doing mathematics!

The Trail “Math Kings & Math Queens” is located in the Martin-Luther-King-Park, right in front of the entrance of the Ernst-Reuter-School. It is specially designed for the newly enrolled fifth graders to get to know the surroundings of their new school and to develop a joy for mathematics in everyday life. In the park, they can move around unsupervised and solve the tasks in a concentrated manner.

Example task: Giant slide

How long is the slide in total? Enter your result in km.
In this task the children have to measure the length of the slide. This is not so easy, because it is quite long! Another difficulty is to convert the result into km. Fortunately, there are hints in the app that will certainly help.

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