19. August 2020

Mathtrail Seminar awarded for excellent Digital Teaching!

The seminar “Mathtrails – Digitalization of Outdoor Mathematics Education” of the Goethe University Frankfurt was awarded as one of 13 projects by the MINTchallenge of the Stifterverband for excellent digital teaching during the Corona pandemic. In the seminar, our MCM educators Iwan Gurjanow and Simon Barlovits presented the MathCityMap system to student teachers. Currently, we present the math trails which were created during the seminar in the section “Tested Trails in the Rhine-Main Region”.

With the MINTchallenge under the motto “Studying from a distance”, the Stifterverband’s MINT Club “presents digital teaching and learning formats that enable students to continue their MINT studies during the corona pandemic, and in the long term will be an enriching addition to the MINT studies. With more than 150 candidatures, the Club-MINT-Challenge has met with a great response and shows that the MINT study programmes have mastered the digital semester with creative and innovative ideas”. Click here for the presentation of the thirteen award winners by the Stifterverband.

We are very pleased that our Mathtrail seminar was awarded by the Stifterverband!

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