13. April 2021

Trail of the Month: Veľké Borové – 3rd Part

In this interview with Sona Ceretkova, we focus on the learning path “[MCM@home]Veľké Borové” which is awarded as MathCityMap Trail of the Month in April 2021! The first part of the interview can be seen here. The second part is available here.

Collection of MCM@home Trails:

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Dear Sona, do you use MCM or MCM@home regularly in university courses?

Future mathematics teachers have a trail included as a project within the subject Methods of Solving Mathematical Problems. The students get a complex understanding of the methodology of outdoor mathematics teaching as well as the MCM application and MCM portal. Their task is to create their own trail in their place of residence, with at least five tasks.

The trail is a part of five mathematical projects within one semester and it`s evaluation is included in the overall course grade. We are planning to prepare methodological guidance for students on the trail “peer assessment” with summative assessment principles.


Describe one of your tasks. How can it be solved? What can students learn by solving this task?

Bus stop: The bus stop at the end of the village of Veľké Borové is called Škrlák. Here the bus turns and goes back. For how many hours will there be no bus departure from the village of Veľké Borové?

Solving the problem is not difficult, it does not require special mathematical knowledge. It is important to study the timetable carefully. In some literature, the ability to read, interpret and orient oneself correctly in documents, in various schemes and plans or maps is called: document literacy. When reading a timetable, document literacy is linked to mathematical competencies that every person needs in everyday life.

Many people do not realize that when looking for answers to questions about time, about time orientation, when counting time periods, etc., they use a number system based on the number 60. In addition, in the timetable, which is located at the bus stop, there is not only time data, but other data, that provides the possibility to create tasks in a real context. In the diagram, we can read the codes of the days of the week on which the bus operates, the dates during the year when the bus does not operate, the name of the terminal but also the names of other places in which the bus stops. It is also important to note whether such timetable is still valid. Paper timetables published at bus or train stops may be unnecessary for many, as most of the information can be found on the Internet. But many, especially senior citizens, need this kind of “security” on paper. And how do you find the necessary information if your mobile phone has just run out of battery or you are in a place in the mountains where there is no internet coverage? A paper itinerary is a certainty.


Any further comments on MCM?

MathCityMap is an inspiring application with great potential in teaching mathematics at all school levels as well as in teacher training and in further education of teachers. We are currently preparing a trail on the topic: “Trees”. In the tasks we will deal with various numerical parameters of individual trees or groups of trees or alleys. Each task will be supplemented with interesting information about the tree type. The aim of the trail will be not only to strengthen mathematical literacy, but most of all to draw attention to the ecological and environmental significance of trees in the area where we live – a realization that trees are exceptional living organisms and that they significantly and often inconspicuously affect our lives.

The trail will be incorporated into the material for students, future teachers of STEM subjects, and it is a part of the intellectual output of the international project ENSITE. The project is being prepared by a consortium of eleven European universities led by the University of Education in Freiburg. Thus, many future teachers at universities across Europe, from Norway to Cyprus, will learn about MathCityMap trails. We are convinced that we will inspire them.

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