25. May 2020

Trail of the Month: Schadow-Gymnasium Berlin

Melanie Kujath, math teacher in Berlin, came into contact with MathCityMap at a Congress two years ago. Today, she presents her math trail „Schadow-Gymnasium Berlin“ (retrievable via the MathCityMap app with the code 231075).

How did you get in contact with MathCityMap? How do you use MCM?

In 2018 I participated together with a colleague in a MathCityMap workshop by Matthias Ludwig, head of the MCM team Frankfurt, at the MNU Congress in Berlin.

Thereupon we created a math trail for our students. By searching for interesting tasks, we oriented ourselves on those task types presented in the workshop. So far we worked on the trail with 10th graders to repeat and deepen their mathematical knowledge. In addition, we have used several of the tasks for the math education of our 8th graders. With the help of our students we were able to adopt our expected solutions, especially the solution intervals.

What is special about your trail? Which didactic goals you want to stimulate?

The special aspect of our trail is that it was created on our school yard of the Schadow-Gymnasium. This way the students discover that they are surrounded all day long by mathematical objects that can be explored by students of different ages. They experience mathematics from a different perspective and gain a practical approach to math teaching.

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