12. March 2020

Trail of the Month: Around Casio

Our new Trail of the Month, the math trail “Rund um Casio” [“Around Casio”], was created by Philipp Anders during his school internship at the Casio central in Norderstedt, Germany. The journalist Claudia Blume published an article about his trail in the newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt. In the following, Philipp Anders reports about his experiences with MathCityMap.

How do you want to use MathCityMap?

We created the trail in Norderstedt to enable students to work on math tasks outside while visiting the Casio central. Thereby, the students can discover that mathematics are deeply connected to their daily life. We are very proud to publish the first math trail in Norderstedt.

How do you perceive MathCityMap as a student?

I’m an eleventh grad student at the German Gymnasium. In my opinion, MathCityMap is a welcome change to ‘classic math class’. In addition, I really enjoyed creating my own MathCityMap tasks. It was really fun. By creating my own trail, I was really impressed that one can find mathematics nearly everywhere in everyday life.

Please describe your trail. What´s the topic of the task?

Our trail consists out of four tasks. The first one asks after the volume of a stone bench. Here it is possible to measure square stone slabs. Unfortunately, those slabs aren’t congruent. Therefore, we identified their average in order to calculate the volume of the bench. The second task deals with the street which leads to the Casio central. The street has the shape of a semicircle. We want to find out their length. To calculate the length, we measure the radius of the semicircle.

The third task is about the distance between a viewpoint and the runway of Hamburg airport. To calculate this distance, the students have to count the number of periodically attached lights between the viewpoint and the runway und multiply them with the estimated distance between two of the lights. Our final task is about area calculation: The students should calculate the area of the Casio parking garage minus the area of the driveway.

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