21. May 2021

The great MCM MOOC: Math Trail in Tours

The great MathCityMap online training series is now coming to an end on May 31. As part of our MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), more than 100 teachers from all over the world have become real MathCityMap experts!

The teachers not only created tasks and math trails themselves and received many valuable tips through our expert review, but also tried out their own trails with their classes.


In addition to the pirate trail from Alcobendas in Spain, we would like to present Anne-Laure Migné’s maths trail in Tours as a representative of the many creative trails that were created during the MOOC: The “Parcours mathématiques et patrimoine à Tours” offers eight exciting tasks on the cultural heritage of the French city of Tours and leads the mathematicians through the city’s contemporary history: We start with the Gallo-Roman wall from the 4th century. Then the medieval cathedral and the historic old town are visited. Finally – welcome to the modern age – the Wilson Stone Bridge and the Hôtel de ville are visited. For more information on the mathematical city walk by Anne-Laure Migné, visit the website of the city of Tours.

The math trail Promenade mathématique dans Bayeux by Flavie Aubourg is another French trail which was created during the MOOC. It was presented in the local news by Ouest France.

Thanks a lot!

The entire MathCityMap team Frankfurt would like to thank the main organisers of the MOOC. Within the MaSCE³ project, the MOOC was prepared, guided and accompanied by:

Eugenia Taranto (Italy), Christian Mercat (France), Elisabete Cunha (Portugal), Claudia Lázaro (Spain), Andrus Rinde (Estonia) and Simone Jablonski (Germany).

Thank you very much for your commitment!

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