27. August 2018

Task of the Week: Roof Dome of the Diana Temple

Our current Task of the Week was created during the MNU meeting in Munich. The city offers great architectural possibilities to use MathCityMap, for example the Diana Temple in the Hofgarten.

Task: Roof Dome of the Diana Temple (Task Number: 4513)

Determine the size of the roof dome of the Diana Temple. Give the result in m².

You can model the roof dome as a semi sphere and approximate the asked size by means of its surface. First, the radius of the semi sphere is determined using the diameter at the bottom. Using the formula for the surface of a sphere or divided by two of a semi sphere results the surface. Nevertheless, to approximate the result exactly, the stone triangles should be substracted. In total, there are four trinagles wholes surface area should be estimate due to the height and subtracted.

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