19. February 2019

Task of the Week: Mushroom at the Kaiserdomgymnasium

This time we present a task from Speyer, Germany. The object is a popular sculpture by the artist Wolf Spitzer.

“Sigillum”, bronze 1994, seal stamp – planetary gear that turns on its own axis and touches the nearby museum wall. The Sigillum represents the preservation of history and culture.

The shape of the figure is often interpreted by the local people as a mushroom, hence the name of the task. Geometrically, these are two conntected cylinders.

Calculate the volume and give the result in liters! One liter equals 1 dm³.

For the big cylinder it is difficult to measure the circumference. In contrast, it is easy to raise the diameter. For the small cylinder it is not difficult to measure the circumference. It is therefore very likely that when working on the task, there are different ways to calculate the volume of the two part-bodies.

If one raises the measured values ​​in decimeters, the result is obtained directly as the sum of the two volumes.

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