16. October 2017

Task of the Week: Escalator

In this week, we are presenting a Task of the Week, which can be transferred quickly and easily to other locations. The focus of the task is the escalator with a physical question.

Task: Escalator (task number: 1805)

How fast in m / s is the escalator? Round the result by two digits.

In order to solve the problem, it is necessary to determine two values: the length of the escalator (either total or by measuring a single step and multiplying) and the duration of a ride with the escalator. It is best to take both values in the units of meters and seconds so that the speed can then be determined.

For the task, the students must know the unit m/s. Here, a connection between physics and mathematics can be recognized in the speed concept. The task can be used from class 8 onwards.

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