6. December 2019

New Features of the MathCityMap app

We redesigned our app und added some new features which we will present in the following. After starting the app, you will be welcomed by our new, clear structured start screen. Four tiles enable users to navigate through the app intuitively.

  • By using “Browse Trails“ the app shows math trails near by you or at any location of your choice.
  • The button ”Add Trails“ allows users to call up private trails or trails which use our feature Digital Classroom by adding a code.
  • My Trails“ gives an overview about your downloaded MathCityMap trails as well as their completion status: How many tasks of the trail did you solve? In addition, the app provides a map which shows the downloaded trails in the surrounding area.
  • Soon we will release the function ”Manage Trails” which gives registered users the possibility to edit their own tasks and trails via smartphone.


We are looking forward to your feedback!

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