26. July 2022

AR and more in MCM update from 26.07.22

The current update extends MathCityMap with the possibility to include AR scenes as well as in the communication via the digital classroom. In addition, some bugs are fixed and the performance is significantly improved in some places.

Augmented Reality (AR) in MCM tasks

It is now possible to link MCM tasks with AR elements. Within the MASCE project, a portal specialized in the creation of AR scenes (marker or GPS-based) has been created under the name EducatAR (https://educatar.eu). After a short registration, AR scenes can be created there.

To link an MCM task with an AR scene, only the link to the AR scene has to be entered in the task form. In the MCM app, a new button now appears for tasks with AR, which takes the user directly to AR mode to view the scene.

Didactic ideas for using augmented reality will be discussed in a separate post in the near future.

Multimedia chat in the digital classroom

The chat functionality of the digital classroom has been extended in the portal to include the ability to send images and audio recordings. As part of this, the audio chat has also been extensively tested in the app and bugs have been fixed so that the functionality should now be available to all.

In addition, teachers in the digital classroom now have the option to “ping” individual groups to find out their approximate location. This feature is hidden behind a magnifying glass icon on the group tile.

Other changes:

  • The layout of tasks has been reworked with visual grouping to make it clearer.
  • The performance when loading profile data has been significantly increased.

All features will be fully available once the updated version of the MCM app has been fully rolled out.

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