14. November 2022

A new Spanish partner school

In Spain, too, there are more and more official MathCityMap partner schools. The fourth Spanish school that has successfully applied to the partner school program is IES Santa Eulalia, in the city of Mérida. As part of the application, which was initiated by math teacher María Bravo Conde, a total of three math trails were created and tested with students from the school.

Regarding the motivation to integrate MathCityMap into the teaching, the school’s team wrote as follows:

“Using MathCityMap allows us to bring math closer to a real and everyday environment, and our students have to work together in groups, make independent and critical decisions, take initiative, and evaluate different options to find solutions.”















The first trail is located directly at the school, the second trail is located on an island in the Guadiana River, which flows through Mérida, and the third trail is located in a park that the students of the school can easily reach by bus.

The trails are available under the following names and codes in the MathCityMap system:

  1. Ruta matemática por el IES Santa Eulalia (079113)
  2. La isla de Mérida (256425)
  3. El parque de las Siete Sillas (786348)

The package with the official partner school plaque and the MCM measuring instruments is already on its way to Spain and we are very much looking forward to receiving further applications from all over the world.

All further information about the partner school program and the requirements for the application can be found in the article about the first MCM partner school as well as on the homepage of our project MaSCE³.


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