5. August 2020

15,000 tasks on the MathCityMap Webportal!

On July 20, Sanne Kleinhenz, a German student at the Rhön-Gymnasium in Bad Neustadt, created the 15,000 task on the MathCityMap web portal. After the summer holidays, Sanne and her class mates will publish three new trails in Bad Neustadt. We are looking forward to it! In the following interview, Sanne Kleinhenz explains how MCM is used in her school.

Dear Sanne, how did you get to know MathCityMap? How do you use MCM at school?

I am a student at Rhön-Gymnasium and we work with MathCityMap in the P-Seminar. The project seminar in Bavaria is designed to prepare upper school students for their choice of studies and profession. The P-Seminar is generally about learning to work independently and in groups. We (14 students) have chosen the P-Seminar with the name MathCityMap (leading subject mathematics). First we got familiar with the app and website by creating a small trail through our school building together.

Divided into three groups we created tasks at different locations in Bad Neustadt. The idea was not that everyone should do their tasks alone, but that we work together and finally have three varied trails. Before the summer holidays we created all tasks (three for each student). In the new school year we will discuss together which tasks will be included in the trails and if they need to be improved.

Working with MathCityMap is very suitable for our P-Seminar, because at the beginning a lot of planning has to be done together, then the tasks are created independently and it is necessary to exchange with your classmates during this time.

The task formulation of the 15,000th task “Shoe size of the statue” is: Shoe sizes can be determined with the help of the Parisian stitch. The number of Parisian stitches needed for the length of the foot is the shoe size. Calculate the shoe size of the statue and round your result to whole numbers. (1 Paris stitch = 2/3 cm). What is the idea behind your MCM task “Shoe size of the statue”?

Since this task is probably the first one of the trail, it should be an easy start. To avoid that the students are confused and immediately overchallenged by the task, the first hint should make clear what the first step is. First of all you need the length of the foot, i.e. you have to measure it. So the first hint should show that it is easier to solve a task in steps.

In order to solve a task correctly, one must always understand what exactly is required. The second hint is to help the students to find the right steps when they do not know what is required. After that only the actual solving of the task is missing. The task can be solved in different ways. As indicated in the last hint, the rule of three can be used. But another way of thinking is also possible (indicated in the 2nd hint): You ask yourself how many Parisian stitches fit into the foot length, i.e. the length divided by the Parisian stitch.

The statue to be examined has a foot length of 39 cm. Using the rule of three (or by dividing the foot length by the Parisian stitch), it can now be calculated that this equals shoe size 59.

In June, we celebrated the 5,000th user joining the MCM community, now there are already 5260 users. In the past two weeks, 381 new tasks were created, so that we now have a total of 15,381 tasks (as of 04.08.2020).

The MathCityMap team thanks all users for their multifaceted ideas. We are looking forward to many more tasks and trails!

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