19. October 2019

Trail of the Month: Telaga Tujuh Island Adventure

This month we present a mathtrail from Indonesia. After hearing of the new MathCityMap pirate narrative, our MathCityMap educator Adi Nur Cahyono created the “Telaga Tujuh Island Adventure Trail” to discover this new feature. He gave us an interview about the new pirate narrative feature of MCM.

Why do you use the pirate narrative?

I got the information that there is an app update by adding a pirate narrative in the MathCityMap app, so I immediately searched for a route that matched this narrative. One of which is a route on the Telaga Tujuh Island. The pirate narrative makes my route look very interesting. This narrative fits perfectly with the situation, location and tasks on this route. Adventure at sea, with problems on an island that can only be reached by sailing. It’s like a real pirate, isn’t it?

How could students benefit from the usage of such a narrative?

Students know the pirate character and his adventure stories are looking for treasure. This is the same as math trails ideas. Combining the two makes students interested in exploring the trail by acting like their imaginary character and at the same time they also learn mathematics and its application.

What is the special attribute of your trail? What differentiate your trail from others?

The “Telaga Tujuh Adventure Trail” is a route located on an uninhabited remote island in the Aceh Province of Indonesia. The route is explored by sailing to find some locations and real problems relating to mathematics with pirate narrative, for example, the Ship Repairs task: “Curses! Th’ ship’s hull be breached! We need to repair it! Let us use this here tree. Can ye determine th’ weight o’ this here tree trunk in kg? 1cm³ o’ wood weighs 800g.”

While working on this trail explores discover both mathematics and nature. They learn mathematics while adventurous into the world of imagination in reality and enjoy the beautiful nature of Indonesia. Discover MathCityMap, visit Indonesia!

Good to know: Adi Nur Cahyono created the “Telaga Tujuh Island Adventure Trail” in order to discover our new pirate narrative. Therefore, the used a lot wizard tasks of this trail, because the MCM provides for each of these tasks a short story fitting to the pirate narrative.

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