26. January 2021

Trail of the Month: Monuments of Lille

Severin Philippe, a math teacher of Lille, is the author of our current Trail of the Month. Last year, he created the math trail Balade autour des monuments de Lille (Code: 361576) in order to organize a mathematical city walk through Lille for European exchance students.

How do you use MathCityMap?

In January 2020, I organized the trail for my students and their German, Romanian and Italian penfriends during the Erasmus+ exchange week in France. I use MathCityMap every year with my students and one of my colleagues who teaches French – students have to look for information about Lille monuments before the trail.

Please describe your trail. Where is it placed?

I used to do this trail before and I discovered the MathCityMap application only afterwards. This city centre trail of Lille is the first one I have created so far.

Why did you create this route? Which didactic aims do you want to stimulate through this trail?

I created this trail because it’s important to me to show my students that mathematics is everywhere around us. The students tend to be more active and motivated outside the classroom.

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