7. March 2022

The new trail world record goes to…

After almost two years, the time has finally come. A new Mathtrail takes the title of the most downloaded trail in the world! The previous record holder, the trail MCM@home (Ffm a. M.) by Matthias Ludwig with 477 app downloads, has now been replaced by a great trail from Jakarta in Indonesia.

The trail Banteng Berhitung was created by Yunas Chandra and has already been downloaded 569 times in the MCM app since its release on 09.12.2021.

Congratulations to the new record holder and we are curious when we will set a new record.

A short interview with the creator of the Mathtrail follows now in this article. Have fun reading!


How did you come across the MathCityMap project?

To be honest, I never guessed that my Mathtrail will be downloaded that many times. It’s a pleasure for me. This Mathtrail probably is the output from “Bimtek Penguatan Keterampilan Numerasi Guru Dikdas melalui Math City Map” which was held by Ministry of Education. It was a teacher training at which all the participants had to go outdoors to create a task and trail and “Banteng Berhitung” is my trail which consist of tasks of myself and other participants. So, I thought this reward must be declared for all the participants in that “Bimtek” especially who made the tasks that I used in my trail.

Please describe your Mathtrail.

“Lapangan Banteng“ is a historic square located in a historic area formerly known as Weltevreden. Formerly students could learn history and enjoy the beauty of “Lapangan Banteng” and now they can also learn about numeracy. Students can apply their math knowledge in real life so they can maintain and improve their numeracy skill.

How do you use MCM and why?

I really love to use this app, it can help us as teachers to make more interesting learning settings included in an outdoor activity. So far, students rarely use their math skills in their life problems. With MathCityMap they can learn how to apply them and they deepen their knowledge about math.

Describe your favorite task of the trail. How can it be solved and what can students learn from it?

“The City of Collaboration” is my favourite task. It needs numeracy skill to solve this, because if students don’t have it they will never get the answer. Its very simple to answer but people can easily type in the wrong answer too. They have to determine the area to be installed ceramics in and then divided it by the size of ceramics that is supposed to be use.

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