10. October 2022

The MathCityMap network keeps growing!

We are very pleased that the Nábrežná 95 elementary school in the Slovakian city of Nové Zámky has successfully applied to become a MathCityMap partner school, making it the 37th partner school in total and the fourth partner school in Slovakia. The MathCityMap community in Slovakia is also growing steadily, which can be seen in the graphic that shows all current partner schools worldwide.



Aneta Vadkerti, a math teacher at Nábrežná 95 Elementary School who initiated the successful application process, has already been able to implement six Mathtrails in the school’s surroundings and reports on her first experience with MathCityMap as follows:

“I have been using the MCM portal and also the mobile application for over 2 years. I have completed 2 online trainings – Mobile Math Trails in Europe (MoMaTre) and also task design for Math Trails. My students love these math walks and I am very happy when I see their satisfaction and smiles while completing the trails. I am currently planning a project day called –Math is Everywhere– to be held at our school on September 28. All 9th grade students will participate, and my main goal is to increase motivation for math as a subject.”

The package with the official partner school plaque and MCM measuring instruments is already on its way to Nové Zámky and we are very much looking forward to receiving more applications from all over the world.

All further information about the partner school program and the requirements for the application can be found in the article about the first MCM partner school as well as on the homepage of our project MaSCE³.


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