9. July 2020

Testing of Math Trails in Bingen & Groß-Gerau

On Monday, Iwan and Simon from the MathCityMap team Frankfurt (About Us: The MCM Team) measured, calculated and counted in the beautiful town of Bingen on the Rhine and in Groß-Gerau, Germany.

As part of the Mathtrail Seminar at the Goethe University Frankfurt, which is guided by Iwan and Simon, students created their own trail near their living place.A mutual review of the tasks is also part of the seminar: Both for experienced MCM users and “MCM rookies” a second look at the task is worthwhile, e.g. to modify the solution interval, improve the hints or clarify the task formulation.

We had a lot of fun while working on the two trails and are looking forward to their publication!

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