29. October 2018

Task of the Week: The robot rides a bike

Today MCM is talking with Cécile Nigon about the Task of the Week located in Saint-Étienne, France.


What is the task about?

We want to put the children as robots that have to move following a sequence of orders / instructions. The goal for them is to predict precisely where the robot will be at the end of the movement of the robot. The children can move their body to find the answer.


For what purpose was the task created? 

Programming has recently emerged inside the academic programm for elementary schools in France. Programming a movement on a paper or on a screen or on floor with little robots (“turtles”) is a usual exercise. But executing the orders with our body directly in a real space enable to live the situation fully (and maybe understand it better)

In our previous route, the tasks concerned perimeter, area, volume, the pupils told us that they would have liked of other tasks. We chose programming.


 What do you like about MathCityMap?

To give the opportunity to young people to do maths outside. To create activities that correspond to  their motivation (fondness, interest, etc).

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