1. December 2020

Task of the Week: The Dinosaur’s Suitcase

Melanie Schubert from Goethe University Frankfurt has created the task “The Dinosaur’s Suitcase” and reports in an interview about her experiences with MathCityMap.


Dear Melanie, how did you get to know MathCityMap project? How do you use MCM?

I got to know MCM while working at the Goethe University Frankfurt, where the system is developed. As part of our mathematical gifted students promotion program “Junge Mathe-Adler Frankfurt” I created the trail “Mathe-Adler Klasse 6” for SuS of the sixth grade as a kick-off event.

Describe your task. How can it be solved?

In my task the volume in liters of an oversized suitcase is to be determined. In front of the Senkenberg Museum in Frankfurt there is a large dinosaur figure with a suitcase standing in front of it. Within the task the SuS receive information about human suitcase sizes, if one would go on vacation for about 2 weeks. The SuS can calculate the volume of the suitcase by approximating the suitcase of the dinosaur as a cuboid and then convert the volume into dm³ to determine the number of liters. By specifying the liter sizes of our suitcases, the SuS have a possibility of self-control, in that the SuS can consider whether about 27 of our suitcases can fit into the suitcase of the dinosaur.

What didactic goals do you pursue through these tasks?

This task is intended to expand the spatial imagination, conversion skills, measuring skills and the competence of modeling.

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