2. July 2018

Task of the Week: Roof

The classical geometric bodies and figures can be found numerously in the environment. However, real objects deviate from the ideal body and require modeling skills. In addition, composite bodies are not uncommon as in our current “Task of the Week”, which was created by Bente Sokoll, a student at the Johannes-Brahms-Gymnasium in Hamburg.

Task: Volume under the roof (Task number: 4194)

Calculate the volume under the roof (if the sides were closed). Give the result in m³.

To calculate the volume, the body is split into a cuboid and two semi (idealized) cylinders. For the cuboid, length, width and height must be measured and multiplied. For the cylinder, one needs the diameter (or the radius) and the height of the cylinder, which corresponds to the width of the cuboid. The necessary formulas give the sum of the individual volumes.

The task is also a nice example of how MathCityMap students can become authors themselves. In this case, students were asked to create assignments for younger grades. We are looking forward to the usage of the tasks!

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