28. October 2019

Task of the Week: Ramp Acess

Todays´ task of the week is located in Portugal, where our MoMaTrE partner Amélia Caldeira created the task “Rampa de Acesso” (engl. Acess Ramp). She answered us some questions about her task and the MathCityMap project.

How do you use MathCityMap?

I use MathCityMap to motivate students to learn mathematics. I want students to be happy to learn and apply mathematics. Through the usage of MathCityMap they can model shapes in the environment. At the same time, I reveal to their teachers a successful recipe for teaching math: technology and outdoor.

Please describe your task and the procedure of solution. What is the underlying problem of your task?

The question of my task “Rampa de Acesso” is, whether the ramp can be comfortably used by a wheelchair person or not. A ramp is rated as wheelchair-assessable, if its slope don`t exceed 6%. The aim of the task is to determine an approximate value for the ramp slope in percentage.

Therefore, the students have to model the ramp (gradient triangle). The slope of the ramp can be calculated as as a ratio between the length and the height of the ramp.

Good to know: MathCityMap provides a wizard task for calculation the slope of a ramp in percent or degree. Wizard tasks are prepared tasks, which can be created only by adding the measured data and a photo of the object.

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