30. October 2017

Task of the Week: Lamp

With two trails in Salzburg, we can now welcome Austria as the 9th country with a MCM Trail. The current task of the week presents a task in the field of the surface of a cylinder. It is located in the trail at the natural sciences faculty of the Paris-Lodron University in Salzburg.

Task: Lamp (task number: 1908)

How large is the black painted surface of a lamp without the base plate? Give the result in m². Round to two decimal places.

The pupils first recognize the lamp as cylindrical and then determine the black surfaces. For this, it is necessary to divide the lamp into two cylinders. For the upper small cylinder, the shell surface as well as the cover are calculated, for the lower cylinder only the shell surface. Height and radius need to be measured. Subsequently, the individual surfaces are added and the total painted surface area is obtained.

The task can be assigned to the subject area of ​​geometry and, in particular, geometrical bodies (cylinders) and can be used from class 9 onwards.

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