4. December 2017

Task of the Week: Height of the Building

Through cooperation with the MOOC Working Group of the University of Turin, we are looking forward to the first MCM tasks in Italy, which is part of today’s Task of the Week.

Task: Height of the Building (task number: 2045)

Determine the height of the building. Give the result in meters.

The height can be approximated in various ways, e.g. by estimation or the intercept theorems. The task can be solved elegantly by looking for structures and patterns in the building facade. In this building, the horizontal strips, which can be found up to the roof, are noticed directly. For the total height, it is therefore only necessary to determine the height of a horizontal strip, as well as to count the number of strips. Minor deviations from the pattern can be approximated using estimates.

With this method, the task can already be solved by class 6 students. In the case of older pupils, the different solutions can be discussed and assessed with regard to simplicity and accuracy.

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