27. February 2017

Task of the Week: Hammering Man

Today’s “Task of the Week”  focuses on the “Hammering Man”, a symbol of Frankfurt’s fair. The “Hammering Man” comes to one’s attention through his continuous hammering motion. The task is part of the “Weihnachtstrail” with task number 784.


Task: Hammering Man

The “Hammering Man” hammers continuously. How many hammer blows does the “Hammering Man” carry out in the month December?


To solve this problem, it is necessary to observe the motion of the “Hammering Man” and measure the duration of a blow (in seconds). This can be done through measuring the time for 10 cycles. Afterwards, the number of seconds for one day and for the month December should be determined. With help of a division, the number of hammer blows can be calculated for the month December.

In this task, the main part is to determine the frequence of a periodic motion through measuring. Therefore, the task can be seen as an examplary task which can be adapted to further locations where things move periodically. The focus is especially on the time units second, day and month, as well as their conversion. Further, the arithmetic operations multiplication and division are included. Therefore, the task is in connection with school mathematics and can be used from grade 4.

The task is very suitable, because it requires the presence and activity (measuring of the duration of a blow) of the pupils. Further, it is a realistic problem, which can be solved without special aid. The task offers the possibility to differentiate as the pupils can ask for help if needed. The sample answers can be found with the task in the portal.

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