12. February 2018

Task of the Week: Grass Field

At the beginning of the year, MCM was successfully presented in Mumbai. Of course, in this context the first Indian Math Trail was created, from which our current task of the week originates.

Task: Grass Field (Task number: 2459)

Calculate the area of the grass field. Give the result in m²!

First, a mathematical model has to be found that represents the area most accurately. This is best done by dividing the total area into several individual areas. The obvious choice is the division into two halfcircles and a rectangle. For this, the rectangular side lengths and the circle’s radius must be measured, the areas calculated and all partial areas added.

The task belongs to the topic of compound surfaces, whereby calculations on the circle must already be known in order to solve the task as exactly as possible. In the German school system, it would therefore be solvable from class 8.

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