17. February 2020

Task of the Week: Fountain

Our new Task of the Week is located in Slovakia. In the town Nové Zámky, Aneta Vadkerti created the task “Fountain” and the math trail “Learn something new”.

How do you get in contact with MathCityMap?

A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine told me about this amazing mathematics application, which I could use while teaching. Veronika Bockova, who studies Mathematics in a nearby town, helped me to get familiar with it. When I later used it with my students, they were so excited that it motivated me a lot and I even tried to make my own trail.

Please describe your task.

My task “Fountain” is placed in the city centre, in the pedestrian zone in Nové Zámky, in Slovakia. The question is to figure out the radius of the fountain. As there is usually water in it, you can not just measure the radius. You have to measure the circumference of the fountain. And as the fountain is in a circle shape, you can find out length of the radius by using the formula C = 2πr. To calculate the radius, we use r = C/2π. 

Which didactic aims do you want to stimulate through this task?

This is a kind of procedural task, which can provide students with a good practise of procedures. I focused on the knowledge students already possess. I also intended to stimulate logic thinking and problem solving through experiencing learning in a real-life situation – not only on theoretical, but on practical level, too.

Do you have any other commentary on MathCityMap?

Me and my students love the application MathCityMap. Students are outside, they are moving, breathing fresh air.  There is a lot of group work, brainstorming, they help each other. They learn new interesting facts about the town and its history. And furthermore, they realise the big meaning of mathematics in life.

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