28. May 2018

Task of the Week: Flowerpot

In case you search in our MathCityMap portal, you might notice that flowerpots enable various geometric tasks. Solely through the high frequency and the different shapes (cylinder, prismn with hexagonal area, etc.), the question how many liters of soil fit into the flowerpot, can be realised. In today’s Task of the Week, the flowerpot has the shape of a truncated cone.

Task: Flowerpot (Task number: 1219)

How many liters soil fit into the flowerpot, when it is filled until the top?

The formula for the volume of a truncated cone might not be known by all students. Therefore, they need strategies in order to solve the task, e.g. by means of the difference of a big and a small come. Further challenges are the determination of the small radius with help of the circumference and the consideration of the edge/bottom, which is obviously not filled with soil.


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