4. June 2018

Task of the Week: Distance

During May, the MathCityMap Team created a trail in Zaryadye Parc in Moscow – in good time for the start of FIFA World Cup in June!

One of the included tasks is in the focus of the “Task of the Week”, not at the latest through the object’s impressive architecture.

Task: Distance (Aufgabennummer 3761)

Calculate the distance between the crosses at the top of the towers! Give the result in meters.

Already in the picture, it becomes obvious that the distance cannot be measured directly. Without the use of special measuring equipment, the task solvers have to develop a creative idea: The distance in the height can be projected on the ground.

This happens best through marked points at the building, or as shown in the picture from a certain distance. With this idea, the beginning problem of the height of the building can be avoided and the task can be solved easily.

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