9. July 2018

Task of the Week: Columns in the Parc

This week, Carmen Monzo, teacher in Spain gives us an inside into her task “Colums in the Parc”. It is created in a parc in Albacete, which ” is full of mathematical elements,  though people are not aware of them until they are in math-vision mode.”

Task: Columns in the Parc (Task Number: 3981)

Calculate the lateral surface (in m²) of one of the columns of this structure.

“I especially love this structure.  Parallel and perpendicular lines can be easily identified, as well as a set of columns (cylinders) whose lateral surface can be easily calculated by using a folding ruler or a measuring tape, and a calculator to introduce the data and the formula. The height of the cylinder is easy to get, but to calculate the radius of the base as accurate as posible, students first have to measure the circumference and then divide by 2*pi.

As this structure has a dozen columns, the activity can be done by around 20 students, comparing their results and thinking about the importance of the accuracy when measuring. To solve this task, students should have previously studied 2D and 3D shapes, the concept of the lateral surface and some formula to calculate it.

As a secondary mathematics teacher, I think that our students need to handle things, measure, count, touch, feel, use their senses… MathCityMap provides the motivation students and teachers need to do those things with the help of the mobilephone technology.”

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