13. August 2018

Task of the Week: Cobblestones

As part of the ICM conference in Rio de Janeiro, Iwan Gurjanow created the first tasks in South America. In the resulting trail, our current Task of the Week is included.

Task: Cobblestones (Task number: 4505)

How many cobblestones are approximately in the highlighted area?

While we have often used the task on circular or rectangular surfaces, the parallelogram is focused here. It makes sense to determine the surface area and to count the number of stones in a certain range, e.g. in a square of size 60x60cm marked with the folding ruler. This number is then multiplied up to the total area, the area which quickly results from side length and height of the parallelogram.

A time-saving alternative to tedious counting, because the solution is highly above 1000.

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