26. March 2018

Task of the Week: Circular Ring

Today’s Task of the Week focuses on the circular ring. The idea behind is to determine the desired surface area by the difference of two surfaces, which can be calculated easily.

Task: Ciruclar Ring (Task number: 1943)

Calculate the area of ​​the circular ring. Give the result in cm².

The area of the circular ring can be calculated by determining the radius of the entire circle, as well as the radius of the small “missing” circle. In this case, the easiest way is to measure the diameters of both circles. Then one calculates the wanted area either with the formula of the area of the circular ring, or one calculates the area of ​​the entire circle and deducts the small circular gap. In both cases, the wanted area results.

A similar task can be created by means of traffic signs, e.g. the passage prohibited sign and the question of the proportion of red color. In both cases, the circle plays a thematic main role, so that the topic can be used from class 9 onwards.

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