13. January 2020

Task of the Week: Benches out of Wooden Slats

Our current task of the week leads us to the Austrian state Steiermark. In Graz, Rosina Haider and Ursula Skrabitz created many interesting MathCityMap tasks. Professor Haider answered some questions about the MathCityMap app.

How did you get in contact with the MathCityMap app?

During the conference “Forschen. Lernen. Lehren an öffentlichen Orten” in Münster, Germany, I tested the MathCityMap app. Back in Graz, I was able to arouse my colleague’s interest in the app.

How do you use the MathCityMap app?

We use MCM in the context of our teaching at Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule Graz. The students of primary teacher training get the possibility to work on a trail. Afterwards, they have to create their own MCM task – at best their own trails – in small groups. The tasks are used in the math class of a primary school which is associated to our university.

Please describe your task. How could students solve the task.

The question of the task „Parkbänke aus Holzlatten“ (engl. „benches out of wooden slats“) is how long a single wooden slat would be, if the wooden slats of six benches were placed one after another. To answer the question, the kids have to count the number of benches as well as the number of wooden slats one bench consists of. Of course, they have to measure how long one of the slats is. Finally, the students should analyse the fictive length of the single wooden slat.

Which didactic aims are stimulated through your task?

The students

  • … find out the number of the installed wooden slats on an individual path.
  • … are able to add and multiplicate mentally or in writing within the range up to 1000
  • … can deal with the unit meter and
  • … are able to get on with their solving process on their own or by using the given hints.

Do you have any other commentary on MathCityMap?

We are enthusiastic about the MathCityMap app and are going to create some more interesting MCM trails.

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