24. August 2020

Task of the Week: Ahoy sailors!

The student teacher Jill Groos created the task “Ahoy sailors!” in Stadtbredimus, Luxembourg, which we present today as the new Task of the Week. In our interview Jill Groos explains how the task can be solved and gives us insights into her teacher training.

How did you get to know MathCityMap?

I am a student at the University of Luxembourg in the Bachelor of Teacher Education. The MathCityMap project was presented to me by our professors at the university. In this summer semester, in the subject “Didactics of Mathematics”, our semester project was to design a math trail with MathCityMap.

Please describe your task. How could you solve it?

My task is about first and second graders building a paper boat. Then the boat is let into the water on one side of the bridge and students are asked to count how long the boat takes to come out on the other side of the bridge. The task is solved by counting, to be more precisely by counting seconds.

Which didactic goals do you want to promote with this task?

The children should take a closer look at the familiar tower and recognise that they can find numbers everywhere, even “in real life”. In our daily life we are surrounded by numbers!

Do you have any further comments on MathCityMap?

The didactic goals of this task are in the areas of learning to count, problem solving and learning to tell time. It is important that the children can work out a solution for an existing problem, learn how to count seconds and learn to count in total.

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