27. April 2021

Present your task at MathCityMap!

We regularly present interesting tasks and trails from all over the world in our rubrics “Task of the Week” and “Trail of the Month”. Would you also like to present your task or trail to other users? We are very happy about that!

Therefore, you just have to send an email to barlovits[at]math.uni-frankfurt.de. Answer the following questions in your mail:

  1. How did youget in contact withthe MathCityMap project? How do you use MCM and why?
  2. Describe your trail / your task. What is special about this trail / task?
  3. What are your didactic goals in using MathCityMap and your trail / your task?
  4. Further remarks about MCM?

We are looking forward to your answers!
Your MathCityMap team

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