15. August 2022

Portugals next partner school

The partner school network of MathCityMap is growing by the week and we already welcome the sixth Portuguese partner school! The “Escola Secundária de Ponte da Barca” in the municipality of Ponte da Barca, located in the north of Portugal, has successfully applied, initiated by the local teacher Cláudia Barreto, and the package with the official partner school plaque and the MCM measuring instruments is already on its way to Portugal.

Cláudia Barreto described for us in the following report how the application as a partner school came about:

“Every year we celebrate “Science Day” at our school. This year the math group decided to challenge our students to participate in the math trails created on the school grounds. Two trails were created: one for students in the 7th, 8th and 9th grade (Trail code: 579742) and the other for the 12th grade students (Trail code: 236662).

All students were very enthusiastic and reacted extremely well to the activity. They especially enjoyed the opportunity to get outside and explore the mathematics that surrounds them.

In fact, they were able to see the applicability of the contents they learn on a daily basis in a real and practical context. Besides that, having the opportunity of working with technology gave them even more motivation and made the activity a lot more interactive for them.”

As always, we are very much looking forward to receiving more applications from all over the world.

Additional information on the partner school program and application requirements can be found both in the article on the first MCM partner school and on the homepage of our MaSCE³ project.



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