1. May 2023

Popular Mathtrails: Thales-30-03-2023

In our new category “Popular Mathtrails” we want to present a mathtrail once a month that has had a particularly high number of app downloads in recent weeks.

In the month of April, one of the most popular trails was the “Thales-30-03-2023” trail, which was created by the mathematics teacher Daniel Partal Garcia in the city centre of Granada, in Spain.

Daniel normally uses MathCityMap as a teaching method in his mathematics classes at Maristas High School in Granada, as he tells us in a short interview. However, he is also involved, together with other colleagues, in the Spanish mathematics association THALES, which organised a competition between 10 schools in Granada using MathCityMap on 30 March.

A total of about 400 students between the ages of 14 and 16 took part in the competition, where the aim was to solve as many of the 25 tasks on the trail as possible and collect points. The students worked in groups of four and each group downloaded the trail, which was certainly the reason for the great success of this trail.

Of course, the winners of the competition also received prizes in the form of calculators, USB sticks and books sponsored by the companies CASIO, BEEP technology and EDELVIVES. A local newspaper also reported on the many students who explored the city centre of Granada equipped with smartphones and measuring tools.

For Daniel and his colleagues, the competition with MathCityMap was a complete success and they are already planning a repeat with a new trail in March 2024.


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