9. June 2021

Our special on EURO 2021: Football in math lessons

It’s finally starting! On Friday, June 11, 2021, the opening match between Italy and Turkey will take place in Rome. A short time later, the strong national teams from Belgium, England and Spain will also start the tournament. Group F, in which top favorite France will be challenged by Germany and Portugal, will be particularly explosive.

Regardless of the outcome of the tournament, the European Championship will be the hot topic in the upcoming weeks! On our partner site fussballmathe.de, the team around Prof. Dr. Matthias Ludwig (Goethe University Frankfurt) provides you with a variety of information and materials for your mathematics lessons:

  • Do you know how to (approximately) make a football out of 24 congruent kite quadrilaterals?
  • Or how you can use the path rule to predict the probability of Germany making it to the round of 16?
  • Do you know the birthday paradox and what it has to do with the EURO 2021?

You can find material for these and many other questions at fussballmathe.de. In addition, you will find there our prediction who will be the winner of the tournament…

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