15. April 2020

MCM@Home: Theme-based Math Trails

The usage of MathCityMap math trails is well-tested for the revision of various learned topics. However, math trails can also be used – as so-called Theme-based Trails – for the aimed work on one specific curricular topic.

Possible topics are proportion, fractions, linear functions, parabolas and quadratic functions as well as the intercept theorem. Click here to see an example for a Theme-based Trail about stereometry.

Theme-based Trails could be used for learning mathematics at home during the Corona breakdown: According to the motto MCM@Home, we prepared several trails in five languages which could be solved from home [click here to see all MCM@Home trails]. Two of them deal with only one topic. In other words, our MathCityMap team created two Theme-based Trails for MCM@Home. One is about linear functions and suitable for 8th graders. The other one treats quadratic functions and could be solved by 9th grade students. We also created Theme-based Trails for students from grade 3 up to grade 6 which deal with sequences & series as well as basical combinatorics.


Have fun by working on our Theme-based Trails!

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