2. April 2020

MCM@Home: Learning at Home in Europe

How learning can be organized in Europe during the Corona crisis, is one urgent question in these days.

MathCityMap provides several MCM@Home-Trails in different languages. Students can work on them at home. As usual, the learners get hints and can compare their own solution with a sample solution. The possibility to get both support and an immediate feedback, can structure students’ learning progress at home.

In the last days, those potentials of MathCityMap for learning at home were highlighted by the German institution Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD) and by the initiative Land of Ideas. The first-mentioned PAD lists here several Erasmus+ projects which supply Open Educational Resources. According to the motto #beyondcrisis, the Land of Ideas promotes diverse projects which can help to handle the Corona crises.

Stay healthy!

Background information:
MathCityMap is very proud to be an award winners of the competion Land of Ideas 2019.

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