1. November 2021

MCM Seminar at the Deutsches Eck


In the summer semester of 2021, the first MCM seminar was held at the University of Koblenz-Landau, Koblenz Campus. Despite the difficult conditions caused by the pandemic, the students were able to work in small groups in compliance with the applicable rules, first learning the theoretical basics at home and then moving out into the field. In the first step, they put themselves in the role of students and explored Simone Jablonski’s Koblenz Trail in groups. After that, they went to work themselves. The focus of the seminar was on the primary level and accordingly many trails suitable for primary schools were created throughout Rhineland-Palatinate.

Unfortunately, the flood disaster of July also left its mark on the MCM Seminar. The floods of Ahrweiler completely destroyed a mathtrail in the Ahrweiler valley. Thankfully, the student who created it remained unharmed.

The seminar was very well attended with two times 45 students and the students visibly enjoyed the unusual way of doing mathematics. The seminar is part of the dissemination of the EU funded MoMaTrE project.

In the course of the seminar, various video contributions were made by the students. In each of the videos, they present an MCM task from the trail they designed, and they also go into more detail about the didactic background of their task. We would like to share one of these videos with you. Have fun watching it!


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