10. March 2018

MCM scores at GDMV conference in Paderborn

As part of the joint meeting of GDM and DMV in Paderborn from 05.03. – 09.03.2018, MathCityMap was presented in various ways. First of all, on 06.03. Matthias Ludwig spoke on the Erasmus + project MoMaTrE (Mobile Math Trails in Europe), in which the cooperation partners and goals were presented on an international level. On 08.03., Iwan Gurjanow presented his research results in the field of motivation and gamification (points and leaderboard) while running a math trail. In addition, Joerg Zender considered the Math Trail idea from the point of view of performance, which led to interesting discussions on 09.03.

A special highlight for the entire team is the prize which Daniel Birnbaum and Matthias Ludwig won at the poster session. On the poster, the future-oriented technology Augmented Reality was presented, as well as first ideas to use it in school and MCM.

During the entire conference, the participants had the opportunity to test a trail in the city center of Paderborn. Of course, we took the chance and ran the trail from the perspective of the task solver with lots of fun and ambition.

At this point, we want to thank Max Hoffmann and the students of the Pelizaeus-Gymnasium for creating the tasks! Likewise, we would like to thank all interested in the project for the exciting questions and discussions.

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