27. April 2018

MCM meets Girls’ Day

On 26.04.2018 the annual Girls’ Day took place. The science faculties of Goethe University participated as well and therefore, 40 students who are interested in maths were able to get to know and test MathCityMap at the Campus Riedberg.

After a short introduction given by Nazanin Roushanaei and Simone Jablonski, the girls at ages 12 till 16 came together in small groups and started a mathematical “paper chase”. With sunny weather they solved tasks on slope, height of buildings and bodies. The girls had a lot of fun and motivation, so that one group was actually able to solve all tasks of a trail in the period of one hour.

During a final phase, the girls gave their feedback. A first impression already showed: thumbs up for the MathCityMap app. We thank all the participants and are already looking forward to the next Girls’ Day.

You can find the trails here:

Grade 5/6/7

Grade 8/9/10

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