6. April 2020

MathCityMap’s exponential growth

During the Corona crisis, exponential curves, e.g. infection rates, are presented daily in the media. Therefore, we want to show you one – very pleasing – exponential development about our MathCityMap system:

In April 2017, MathCityMap had around 300 registered Users, 1.000 tasks were created in the web portal. One year later MathCityMap provided 3.200 tasks for the 1.200 Users. In spring 2019, the MCM community already consisted of 2.700 users, who created 7.200 MathCityMap tasks.

Today MathCityMap has ca. 4.600 registered users. In total, 12.800 tasks and 2.050 math trails were created in many different languages all over the world. Our MCM video is now available in nine (!) different languages (click here to see the YouTube playlist).

Dear user,

MathCityMap owes this fantastic development in recent years to your interest and creativity. In the current situation, we are happy to see the creation of numerous MCM@Home tasks and trails. After the crisis, we are looking forward to many mathematical outdoor tasks.

We wish you and your families all the best. Stay healthy!
Your MathCityMap team

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