25. February 2020

MathCityMap takes Marseille by storm

From February 13 to 14 the “Forum des mathématiques” took place in Marseille. Christian Mercat, professor at the University of Lyon and one of our European project partners (MoMaTrE and MaSCE³), ran a very successful MathCityMap workshop at the Forum: During the congress, his great math trail “Forum 2020” was downloaded more than 400 times. In addition, more than 260 individuals or groups participated in the related Digital Classroom.

Thanks a lot, Christian, for this incredible MathCityMap workshop, which took Marseille by storm!

Christian reports on the form: This is the first time a MathCityMap trail was setup in this forum. Prizes were distributed but there was no need for that in order to motivate the participants, hundreds of participants played with the app and opened a scientific eye on the campus around them, figuring out the size of the letters on top of the building, the number of red tiles in a mosaic and so on.

Background information:

“Maths pour Tous” (“Math for All in French”) is an association based in Marseille, backed up by the Aix-Marseille University. They have organised for more than 10 years numerous forums where thousands of people flock to the university or other public venues to enjoy mathematics, accounting for the largest math events in France outside Paris. It consists in Math conferences, workshops, poster sessions, held by students themselves presenting their work during the year alongside top specialists in mathematics disseminating their work to the wider public.

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