15. March 2017

MathCityMap in Meißen

Being part of the “Day of Mathematics and Natural Sciences” in Saxony, the MathCityMap team held a course on outdoor mathematics with MCM. The “Sächsische Bildungsinstitut” (SBI) invited to this event on 9th March 2017 in Meißen at Schloss Siebeneichen. 24 participants took part in the workshop and were able to solve mathematical problems and questions around the castle. For example, one had to find out how high the tower of the castle is or how many liters of water fit into the pool. In the second part of the course, the teachers were able to search for own mathematical tasks in the environment and to create them in the portal.

We hope that the participants had a lot of fun and got some ideas for their own lessons. We are already looking forward to tasks and trails that will follow from this event.  

Are you interested in workshops on outdoor mathematics with MathCityMap? Take a look at our event page.

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