17. September 2020

MathCityMap at the MEDA Conference 2020

At MEDA 2020 (Mathematics Education in the Digital Age) the MathCityMap system was presented today in two presentations:

Ana Barbosa and Isabel Vale, partners in our Erasmus+ project MaSCE³, presented a study on the attitudes of primary school teachers towards digital media, more specifically towards teaching with MathCityMap. The corresponding contribution was published in the MEDA Proceedings (pp. 135-142).

In his presentation, Simon Barlovits, an employee of the Frankfurt MathCityMap system, explained the use of topic-based MathCitMap math trails. In the article (together with Moritz Baumann-Wehner and Matthias Ludwig) a guideline for the creation of theme-based trails is also presented. The article can be found in the MEDA-Proceedings on pages 143-150.

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